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The Last Moose of Aoluguya

犴达罕 (Han da han)
China 2013. Dir: Gu Tao. 99 min.

Award-winning filmmaker Gu Tao’s weirder-than fiction documentary is a portrait of Weijia, a hunter-poet with a tumultuous life. Weijia is a member of the Ewenki minority, whose homeland is near Siberia in far northeastern China. Forbidden to continue hunting, the Ewenki have been forced to move from their forests into dreary Chinese government-designed permanent villages. Deprived of his means of livelihood like many of his people, Weijia spends his time drinking and being a poet — when all of a sudden, as in a fairytale, a young teacher from Hainan, the tropical paradise island in China’s far south, comes to marry him and sweep him away. Weijia, clad in tropical print shirts, doesn’t quite fit into paradise, and his story turns dark, with intimations of madness and violence. In Mandarin and Ewenki with English subtitles.