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Cut Out the Eyes

挖眼睛 (Wa yanjing)
China 2014. Dir: Xu Tong. 80 min.

Er Housheng is a blind musician who travels Inner Mongolia with his lover and partner Liu Lanlan performing the saucy, sensationally bawdy form of musical duet comedy called er ren tai. Er’s female audiences are particularly enthralled with his combination of sensuality, Rabelaisian earthiness, and frankly socially-subversive lyrics. Director Xu’s specialty is to train his piercingly observant documentary camera — intimate and complicit, rather than coldly objective — on unique Chinese characters like Er, using them to probe deep beneath the surface of China’s clash of rural traditions with its urbanizing contemporaneity. The result is, on one hand, an enthralling ethnographic showpiece; but it is at its core a passionate and frenzied psycho-drama of lust, violence, and genius. In Mandarin with English subtitles.

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Female Directors
女导演 (Nü daoyan)
China 2012. Dir: Yang Mingming. 43 min.

Two brilliant young women, art school graduates with deliciously profane vocabularies and supreme confidence, talk sex, cinema, and power, as they wield their shared video camera like a scalpel. Yang Mingming’s superb debut is hilarious, moving, and subversive: is it documentary or fiction, or something new that violates both modes with gleeful abandon? In Mandarin with English subtitles.

There will be a 10-minute intermission between Female Directors and Cut Out the Eyes.