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Animation on the Edge: Independent Chinese Animation

Perfect Conjugal Bliss / 花好月圆 (Huahao yueyuan) ● A gorgeous 3D animation unscrolling through Chinese history. Zhong Su/2014. 5 min.

How / 在哪儿 (Zhi nar) ● Traditional pen-and-ink drawing animates a fuzzy-haired, ruddy-cheeked girl’s imaginative world of terror and freedom. Zhang Yipin/2013. 5 min.

The Hunter and the Skeleton / 猎人与骷髅怪 (Lieren yu kulouguai) ● A spectacular animation, flash plus thangka, of an Eastern Tibetan folk tale. Bai Bin/2012. 26 min.

An Apple Tree / 苹果树 (Pingguoshu) ● A Tibetan fable, in vivid colours, of an indomitable tree, assailed yet triumphant. Bai Bin/2013. 11 min.

Double Act / 双簧 (Shuanghuang) ● A black-and-white vision of the industrial surreal. Ding Shiwei/2013. 5 min.

— Intermission (10 min.) —

Mirror Room / 镜室 (Jingshi) ● Master clay animator Zhou fashions a bathroom of hallucinatory reflections, where Lacan meets fascism. Zhou Xiaohu/2012. 9 min.

The New Book of Mountains and Seas Part 2 / 新山海经2 (Xin shan hai jing 2) ● Classic-styled ink-and-pen drawings filled with quasi-nightmarish animal-machines depict a future of ecological collapse, genetic tampering, and space colonization. Qiu Anxiong/2007-2012. 30 min.

Family Reunion / 馬拉自在 (Mala zizai) ● Cut-out and line-drawn animation tells the dreamy story of A-mei, a Taiwanese aboriginal woman and factory worker who wants to go home for the Harvest Festival. Chen Li-hua/2012. 18 min.