Animated Films of Sun Xun

Presented in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery's exhibition Unscrolled: Reframing Tradition in Contemporary Chinese Art

The meticulous hand-made animated films of Hangzhou-based Chinese artist Sun Xun (b. 1980) use traditional materials such as charcoal, paint, ink, and woodblock to create stunning sequences that depict the destructive force of human impulses. Sun Xun’s films take their inspiration from political cartoons, biology books, instruction manuals, and newsreels. Blending a deep interest in history with a sense of fantasy and metaphor, they explore themes of societal development and revolution while avoiding didactic (or politically dangerous) conclusions. Couching criticism in surreal metaphor, and using recurring characters such as animals, insects, and a black-suited magician, Sun Xun’s works reveal a search for another world, while placing viewers in one of his own making — both dreamlike and apocalyptic.

Mythos (2006). 12 min.
Beyond-ism (2010). 8 min.
Some actions which haven’t been defined yet in the revolution (2011). 12 min.
21G (2010). 27 min.

Introduced by Diana Freundl, co-curator of Unscrolled: Reframing Tradition in Chinese Contemporary Art.

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Unscrolled: Reframing Tradition in Contemporary Chinese Art
November 15, 2014 to April 6, 2015
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