A Place in the Sun

USA 1951. Director: George Stevens
Cast: Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters, Keefe Brasselle, Fred Clark

Directed by George Stevens (Shane, Giant), this High Hollywood adaptation of Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy won six Oscars and was nominated for three more; Charlie Chaplin described it as “the greatest movie ever made about America.” “In the first of his three iconic screen pairings with Liz Taylor, Oscar-nominated Montgomery Clift stars as George Eastman, the ambitious but poor nephew of a wealthy industrialist, who takes an entry-level job in his uncle’s factory. Soon he starts dating his dowdy co-worker Alice (Oscar-nominated Shelley Winters), then promptly sets his sights on high-society debutante Angela Vickers (Taylor). But Alice will not go so quietly into that dark night, especially when she discovers she is pregnant with George’s baby. Masterfully crafted by George Stevens (who won the Best Director Oscar), this searing adaptation of Dreiser’s novel has lost none of its power — or smouldering romance — in the six decades since it was first released” (Film Society of Lincoln Center). “A beautifully pessimistic love story, nearly rapturous in its treatment of Clift and Taylor” (David Thomson) “One of Taylor’s most sensitive yet steamy performances ... In the love scene between Taylor and Clift, physical desire seems almost palpable” (Pauline Kael). B&W, 35mm. 122 mins.


"A work of beauty, tenderness, power, and insight."

New York Times | full review

"Elizabeth Taylor—in one of her most sensitive (yet steamy) performances."

New Yorker | full review

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