24 Hour Movie Marathon

10AM - 10AM

Want to earn your stripes as one of the city’s most diehard cinephiles? Test your mettle with 24 consecutive hours of essential cinema? It’s back! After a two-year hiatus – and overwhelming demand! – The Cinematheque is once again serving up a sleep-depriving cinematic feast for adventurous Vancouver film fans. Up on the screen: a carefully-curated lineup of (top-secret) movies from a variety of genres, eras, and places. Under your bum: our new, comfy, more-marathon-friendly seats.

There will be prizes, special guests, craft beer happy hour, tasty treats, a power nap zone, and more! Blankets and pillows recommended!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Secure your spot online. Seating is limited. NOTE: This is a Special Event. Annual Passes, Media Passes, Guest Passes, Volunteer Passes, and Ten-Double Bill passes will not be accepted for entry to the 24 Hour Movie Marathon.